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Research into mitochondria and genetics only began to take shape during the 1990s, which makes this a very exciting time to be a mitochondrial disease researcher. Many funding bodies require the researcher to have a significant track record of investigation. AMDF understands that it can be difficult to establish some areas of study, due to the fact mitochondrial medicine is a relatively new field.

Funds from the AMDF bridge this gap by facilitating preliminary investigation and enabling the researcher to reach a point where they are then eligible to apply to external/independent bodies for funding to complete their research.

AMDF offers grants to be awarded for up to 12 months to the amount of $25,000.

Applications are welcome throughout the year and have no cut-off date. The application process involves an initial Request to Submit which will be reviewed by the Chair of the AMDF Scientific and Medical Advisory Panel. If the Chair sees merit in the application, the researcher will be asked to submit a full application, to be reviewed by the full panel. If the application is successful, it is then reviewed by the AMDF Board of Directors. Upon review, the applicant will be contacted regarding the success of the submission.

Your donations at work

AMDF has funded Incubator Grants in the following areas:

Professor Justin St JohnPreventing the transmission of mutant mitochondrial DNA

Dr Matthew McKenzieGeneration of new mouse models of mitochondrial DNA disease

Dr Bi-xia KeTreatment trials in the Ndufs6gt/gt mouse model of mitochondrial Complex I deficiency

Dr Ryan DavisFGF-21 in mitochondrial disease diagnosis and pathophysiology

A/Prof Yvonne Zuryinski – Families living with rare chronic disease: health related out-of-pocket expenses

Dr Raymond Wong – Genome-wide expression analysis of human induced pluripotent stem cell model of Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy

Dr Kate Ahmad – Drug Treatment in Patients with OPA1 Related Dominant Optic Atrophy Plus

Dr David Stroud – Molecular diagnosis of human mitochondrial disease through proteomic approaches

Professor Mike Ryan –  A drug screening approach to rescue OXPHOS defective cells

Dr Anthony Dona – Global Metabolic Profiling of Mitochondrial Diseases: A novel metabolomics approach to diagnose and differentiate between mitochondrial diseases using human serum and urine

How to Apply

Send your one-page Request to Submit document, detailing the aims, methods, budget and relevance to mitochondrial disease to

If the Request to Submit is approved, please submit a full Application Form.

Please call (02) 8033 4113 for more information.

Download booster grant application form