AMDF PhD Scholarships


PhD-Scholarship-v3AMDF PhD Top-Up Scholarships


AMDF offers PhD top-up scholarships in an attempt to attract Australia’s best young scientists to the field of mitochondrial disease. By encouraging scientists at the beginning of their career, the goal is that they will make their careers in mitochondrial disease research.

AMDF support students by providing a flexible scholarship program. Recipients of these scholarships can, and do, investigate a range of different areas, but they all have one ultimate goal – to be part of the solution in finding a cure and effective treatment for mitochondrial disease.

AMDF PhD scholarships “top-up” researcher’s existing NHMRC, ARC or similar scholarship. AMDF PhD scholarships comprise two components:

  • a top-up amount of $3,000 per year
  • a $3,000 per year travel allowance


PhD top-up scholarships are available throughout the year. The application process involves a scholarship application which will be reviewed by the AMDF Scientific and Medical Advisory Panel. If the application is successful, it is then reviewed by the AMDF Board of Directors. Upon review, the applicant will be contacted regarding the success of the submission.

Your Donations at Work


AMDF has funded PhD Scholarships in the following areas:

Paula Woodbridge – Investigation of the pathogenic effects of mutations in the polymerase gamma gene

Minal Menezes – Gene discovery and functional studies of the mitochondrial respiratory chain disorders

Matt Bird – Neuropathogenic mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction

Hayley Mountford – Using Massively Parallel Sequencing to understand the genetic basis of mitochondrial disorders: a population-based approach

Nicole Lake – Determining the genetic basis of Leigh Syndrome, the most common clinical presentation in mitochondrial disorders affecting children

Benjamin Padman – The spatiotemporal characterisation of signalling pathways in mammalian mitophagy

Sophia Frentz – Neuropathogenic mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction

Michael Nafisinia – Identification of novel pathogenic mutations in genes causing inborn errors of metabolism including mitochondrial and Mendelian disorders using next generation sequencing

Abena Nsiah-Sefaa – Mitochondrial Protein Complex Interactions and their Importance in Human Mitochondrial Disease Pathogenesis

Marris Dibley – Functionalism of mitochondrial Complex I accessory subunits in health and disease

Kara Perks – Impaired gene expression causes mitochondrial disease


How to Apply


To apply for an AMDF PhD Top-Up Scholarship, please send your Application Form and supporting documentation via email to Alternatively, please call (02) 8033 4113 for more information.

Read the grant procedure here.