AMDF Teleconferences


As part of the new services initiatives announced by AMDF in January 2016, the foundation will host a series of monthly support sessions via teleconference, called Mito Connect Calls. They are open to everyone affected by mito.

Mito Connect Calls provide a virtual space for members of the mito community to connect with each other. We hope they will go a little way to ease the isolation that many people experience, whether due to geographical location and/or health issues.

This is your forum, however a member of the AMDF staff will be on hand to facilitate the call, offer topics of conversation and assist where necessary. There are also plans to include guest speakers, such as clinicians, researchers and allied health workers to provide information and answer your questions.

The calls have been created for the mito community, and we will invite your feedback after every session.

Please read the following guidelines before joining a call.

Please register for the next session by emailing Rebecca at or calling (02) 8033 4113, you will then be sent instructions for joining the call.

If you have ideas or thoughts about this new initiative, please contact the foundation using the above contact details.


People with a hearing or speech impairment are able to participate in Mito Connect Calls by using the National Relay Service (NRS).

NRS operators listen to the conversation and relay the conversation from the speaker as text for the listener.

You can make a relay call using a telephone type writer or your computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the internet. You can also download the NRS app on your tablet or smart phone.

There is no additional charge on top of standard call charges.

Relay calls are completely private and confidential. Calls are not recorded by relay officers.

Click here for further information about the National Relay Service.

Please contact Catherine at or on 02 8033 4113 if you would like more information about using the NRS for the Mito Connect Calls.