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16 January 2016 story on the Beard family
Read a story about Pippa and Tony Beard. The Beard family have a history of mito, with Pippa being severely affected. Pippa’s sister Toby experiences mild symptoms and would love have a child of her own. Mitochondrial donation could ensure that she doesn’t pass on this debilitating disease to her future child.

Read a media release from AMDF regarding the latest updates from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). The HFEA have officially authorised the use of mitochondrial donation in the UK. AMDF hopes that the Australian government will follow suit and legalise the IVF technique.

Read a media release from AMDF that discusses AMDF’s stance on mitochondrial donation in light of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority’s approval of the technique in the UK.

28 November 2016 MamaMia story on mitochondrial donation
Read a story on MamaMia about mitochondrial donation. In the story, Alice Gibson, who has mitochondrial disease (mito), talks about difficulty of planning a family without access to this revolutionary IVF technique.

19 November 2016 ABC Beyond the Lab segment on mitochondrial donation
Listen to ABC’s ‘Beyond the Lab’, featuring developments in prenatal screening and IVF techniques, including mitochondrial donation.

28 September 2016 ABC News 24 interview with Sean Murray
Watch an interview with AMDF CEO Sean Murray that discusses the recent news of the first successful birth of a child using mitochondrial donation.

22 September 2016 612 ABC Brisbane radio interview with Sean Murray
Listen to AMDF CEO Sean Murray discuss Stay in Bed Day and mitochondrial disease on 612 ABC Brisbane.

20 September 2016 Bayside Star article on the Levett family and Stay in Bed Day
Read an article in the Bayside Star featuring Bronwynn and Steve Levett,who discuss their experience of mito and Stay in Bed Day

18 September 2016 Newcastle Herald article on Stay in Bed Day
Read an article in the Newcastle Herald about the Meyers family, who participated in Stay in Bed Day in memory of their daughter.

15 August 2016 Channel 10 Brisbane News live cross to Ari’s Food Safari
Watch a live cross to Ari’s Food Safari, an event that raises funds for AMDF, from Channel 10 Brisbane News.

29 July 2016 Mitochondrial Disease News article on gene therapy for LHON patients
Read Mitochondrial Disease News’ article on the use of gene therapy to replace faulty genes in patients with Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON).

28 July 2016 Sydney Morning Herald article on genome testing
Read the Sydney Morning Herald’s article on the development of Australia’s first whole genome testing service, which can analyse all 20000 genes in a single blood test.

15 July 2016 Mitochondrial Disease News article on light therapy for mitochondria
Read Mitochondria Disease News’ article on NovoTHOR, a light therapy device, which won the Invention Award at the recent Elite Sports Rehabilitation Expo 2016.

23 May 2016 Mitochondrial Disease News article on Mitochondrial Donation
Mitochondrial Disease News have published an article detailing a new study on mito donation and DNA compatibility. Read the article here.

7 February 2016 Radio 3RRR Segment on Mito
Listen to AMDF PhD scholar Nicole Lake being interviewed on 3RRR radio station. She discusses her current work on mitochondrial disease, specifically Leigh Syndrome. She also discusses mitochondrial donation.


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