Parent And Teacher Resources


Often the first time teachers hear about mitochondrial disease (mito) is when a child in their school is diagnosed.  It can be difficult to understand mito, as it can be an invisible illness.  AMDF resources can help teachers understand what mito is and how to care for an affected student.

Picture1A Little Book About Mito

Written and illustrated by long-time AMDF supporter Martine Vanderspuy with the help of Dean Crawley, A Little Book About Mito is a delightfully simple story to explain mitochondrial disease (Mito). This book has proven one of the most sought after resources from the patient and carer community. While intended for children, many adults have found this booklet most useful in coming to terms with the complexity of mitochondrial disease through the use of simple, concise language. Download (PDF format, 1.2MB)

Picture1Sample letter to your child’s teacher (Download, Word Document, 20KB)

This letter template will help parents and carers inform their child’s teacher about what mitochondrial disease, what symptoms the child has, and what the school and teacher can do to help.