Give Home And Support To The Mito Community


Mito can cause any symptom in any organ at any age.

One day Darren couldn’t get out of his chair.
One month later he was in a coma.
Two months later he regained consciousness.
Eighteen months later Darren was diagnosed.

“A painful muscle biopsy confirmed that I have mitochondrial myopathy, a type of mitochondrial disease and a condition that my family had NEVER heard of. It was a huge to shock all of us.

“It breaks my heart when I hear about someone, particularly a child, losing their battle with mito.

“We desperately need to find a cure or some meaningful treatment to stop more lives being lost.”

As the end of financial year approaches, thousands of Australians choose to make a charitable gift that they are certain will count as a deduction in their tax return.

Please choose mito this year.

You can decide how you wish to help fight this life-threatening disease.


Provide hope for a treatment

Help fund an exciting research project into a ground breaking treatment that could improve the lives of people like Darren. The research aims to identify molecules that have the ability to repair defective mitochondria.

They have already developed a way to screen therapeutic compounds and have begun screening 10,000 of them. Once identified, the compounds will undergo further investigation and clinical trials before hopefully being made available to people suffering the debilitating effects of mito. $40 can fund an hour’s work by a research assistant.


Provide support for sufferers

The first time many patients, like Darren, hear the name ‘mitochondrial disease’ is when they are diagnosed.

The Helpline is often the first time a person with mito, or their family member, has spoken to someone, apart from their doctor, about mito. The disease can be incredibly isolating, both physically and emotionally. Speaking to someone who understands and can provide accurate information about specialist care, financial assistance and where they can seek support from others affected by mito can make an immeasurable difference.

$30 can fund the AMDF Helpline for three hours.

I don’t mind, both research and support are important!

Now is a great time to give! Make your tax deductible gift today.

Thank you!