Team Mito Guinness World Record Attempt


Meet Bernadette Benson – the best thing to come out of Canada since Bryan Adams!

BernadettePerth ultra runner Bernadette Benson is attempting to break the world record for the greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours, and at the same time raise funds and awareness of mito.

A self-described CanAussie (Canadian-Australian), Bernadette will take on the challenge at Zoom Fitness Osborne Park, with a video feed set-up to virtually join Team Mito Canada. Even though she’s Canadian, we’ll claim the world record for Australia!

Help Bernadette reach her goal by clicking here and making a donation.

She will join a group of 26 Calgary-based Mito Canada runners who will attempt to break two team and five individual Guinness World Records for most kilometres run on a treadmill. The attempt will take place during the weekend of May 27-28, 2016.  Read more

Bernadette Benson – “Oh when the feelin’s right I’m gonna run all night
I’m gonna run to you!”


Nickname: Miss B or simply B. Mama Bear to my trail running group who I’m particularly protective of.

Record attempt: Greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours (female)

Current record: The current record stands at 117.96 km

Goal: 117.97 km. Then I’ll just sit on a bench for the last 2 hours and watch the video feed of the Mito Team in Canada smashing it out.

Fundraising link:

Fundraising goal: My top goal is to raise awareness by heaps and bounds in Australia for mitochondrial disease. In 2011 I met a family whose healthy little boy became disabled by the disease and it left a mark on me. If people chose to give up one luxury – that post-workout reward coffee, perhaps – and donate the cash to improve the lives of people who really know suffering, that would be amazing.

Thing that scares you most about this record attempt: Messing up one of the rules, like not having all the witnesses show up, the video stopping, etc. This includes getting dizzy, stumbling over my own feet, and grabbing the bars (no holding the bars allowed).

Special power/superpower: Lying to myself. I feel great.

Sponsors: Compressport, Hammer Nutrition, UpBeat – Nitrate Max, Mainpeak, NTP Health Products/Udo’s Oil, Jon Tan/Langer Chiropractic

Is this the craziest thing you’ve ever done? I’ve run an FKT of the 1,000km Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia over 15 days. I’ve pulled a 30kg pulk over 5 days and 300 miles in the Yukon Arctic Ultra. I’ve run 238km in 24 hours. I’ve climbed via ferrata in Italy during a lightning storm on a route where they forgot the ferrata. Everyone is someone else’s weirdo. So I’ll let others decide what’s craziest!

What will do you do to keep yourself from going crazy when you’re on a treadmill for such a long time? Employ my superpower. I feel great. This is so interesting. Seriously, though, being in the moment is everything. I will also be listening to Bryan Adams’ ‘Run to You'” on repeat for 12 hours!

How will you eat/drink/go to the bathroom? Being the control freak I am, I’m sure I’ll have devised a multi-page spreadsheet for my crew to follow. Zoom Fitness Osborne Park is being awesome about setting up the gym in the best way for me on the day.

Do you have a support team? If so who/how will they help? This can’t be done without a team. I’ll need official witnesses, timekeepers, and people to feed and water me and ignore my complaints.

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