The Board


The AMDF Board of Directors includes business people, doctors, scientists, a lawyer and state representatives who are committed to the successful establishment of the foundation and its goals.

Professor John Christodoulou

Professor Christodoulou is currently Head of the Neurodevelopmental Genomics Research Group at Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and Chair of Genomic Medicine in the Department of Paediatrics at Melbourne University. His formal training includes paediatrics and clinical genetics, with his major clinical focus being the investigation and management of individuals with inborn errors of metabolism.

He is the former President (2005-2007) of the Human Genetics Society of Australasia, and has also been a recent RCPA Examiner in Genetics.

Professor Christodoulou’s current research interests include the biology of Rett syndrome and related disorders, the molecular pathogenesis of mitochondrial respiratory chain disorders and the development of new therapies for phenylketonuria (PKU).

He has published over 100 peer reviewed papers and is regularly called upon for lectures on a range of genetics subjects.

John is the Chair AMDF Scientific & Medical Advisory Panel and a founding director of the AMDF.

Dave Cleary
BSc (Wine Science)

Dave Cleary has 15 years of senior management experience within the corporate sector, predominantly in the wine industry. He has extensive business management, communication, analysis and decision making skills.

Since losing his seven-month-old son to mito in April 2013, Dave and his family have been instrumental in raising funds for the AMDF and advocating for the mito cause.

Don Coulthard

Don Coulthard is MD of Phillips & Cohen Associates (Australia) a leading receivables management and distressed asset purchaser.

Don has lobbied extensively to government in support of medical research funding and assisted Research Australia in the development of its philanthropy initiative.

Graeme Crampton – Deputy Chairman

Graeme is a Chartered Accountant with farming & agribusiness interests in Northern NSW. He recently retired from PwC after 29 years as a Tax partner including terms on the Management Executive & Board of Partners.

He has extensive professional and commercial experience particularly in buying and selling businesses. Other interests are property & investment. He also enjoys tennis, fishing & travel.

Graeme is a member of the AMDF Finance Committee, a member of the AMDF Nominations Committee and a founding director of the AMDF.

thumb-aleksandrafProfessor Aleksandra Filipovska
BSc(Hons) PhD

Professor Aleksandra Filipovska is an ARC Future Fellow at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research and the University of Western Australia in Perth. She received her PhD in 2002 from the University of Otago, New Zealand. She was a NZ Foundation for Research, Science and Technology Fellow at the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge, the United Kingdom until the end of 2005. In 2006 she relocated to Australia as a NHMRC Howard Florey Fellow and established her research group in Mitochondrial Medicine and Biology at the University of Western Australia.

Aleksandra’s research efforts to date have been recognized with the award of several prizes such as the Australian Academy of Sciences Ruth Stephens Gani Medal, ANZSCDB Young Investigator award and the WA Tall Poppy Award. Aleksandra’s research focuses on studying mitochondrial gene regulation and function in health and mitochondrial disease using patient cells and mouse models of mitochondrial disease. Her group has made advances in the development of methods for studying mitochondrial gene function and developing therapeutics for inherited mitochondrial diseases.

Aleksandra is a member of the AMDF Scientific & Medical Advisory Panel.

Ross Grant
BSc(Hons) MCom(Hons) MBA

Ross Grant is Chairman of Grant Samuel Group, an independent investment banking firm which he established in 1988.

Ross Grant was previously an Executive Director of Macquarie Bank Limited having joined Hill Samuel Australia Limited (the predecessor of Macquarie Bank Limited) in 1975. Ross Grant holds degrees in Mathematics (B.Sc (Hons) – Otago University), Economics (M.Com – Canterbury University) and Business Administration (MBA – University of NSW).

Ross is a member of the AMDF Finance Committee and a founding director of the AMDF.

Dr Doug Lingard – President & Chairman

Doug is a Radiologist & Nuclear Physician who has been active in both public and private medicine in Australia for over 30 years. He is a cofounder of the largest Diagnostic Imaging practice in Australia, Pittwater Radiology & Medical Imaging Australasia Ltd. He and his wife Margie are the parents of two children with mitochondrial disease.

Doug is the AMDF Chairman, a member of AMDF Nominations Committee, a member of the AMDF Scientific & Medical Advisory Panel and a founding director of the AMDF.

Sean Murray
Sean Murray was appointed as part time CEO in January 2011 and took up the role full time in April 2012. Sean is responsible for execution of the AMDF strategic plan and all aspects of AMDF operations.

Sean’s background includes software development, business consulting and general management. His career previously focused on organisational change and project/programme management. Sean has lived and worked in Australia, the UK and the US with broad industry experience in both private and government sectors. Sean holds a degree in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics (BSc) from Sydney University.

With a strong family connection with mitochondrial disease, Sean is deeply motivated to drive the AMDF toward achieving its goal of curing mitochondrial disease.

Sean is a member of the AMDF Nominations Committee and a founding director of the AMDF.

Professor Carolyn Sue

Professor Carolyn Sue has been trained as a neurologist as well as a research scientist. She has been running Australia’s largest specialised clinic dedicated to the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of adult patients with mitochondrial disease since 1994. In 2003, she set-up Australia’s first exercise laboratory dedicated to the treatment of mitochondrial muscle disease and showed that aerobic exercise training improved muscle performance in Australian patients with mitochondrial disease. It was her vision, combined with the actions of Dr Doug Lingard, which led to the establishment of the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (AMDF) in 2009.

Professor Sue is currently appointed as Professor at the University of Sydney, the Director of the Department of Neurogenetics at Royal North Shore Hospital and the Director of the National Centre for Adult Stem Cell Research (Sydney Node). She completed her post-doctoral studies at Columbia University in New York, and returned to Australia in 2000 to establish her own research team, currently located at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research, at Royal North Shore Hospital. She has a major interest in understanding the disease processes involved in mitochondrial disorders, with an emphasis on developing new treatment options for affected patients. She is also using stem cells as a cellular model to investigate mitochondrial disease.

Carolyn is a member of the AMDF Scientific & Medical Advisory Panel and a founding director of the AMDF.

Professor David Thorburn

Professor David Thorburn received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Sydney in 1987 before completing a Fulbright Fellowship with Prof Ernie Beutler at Scripps Clinic, La Jolla (San Diego), California. David returned to Australia in 1990, and is currently an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, located in the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. He holds honorary appointments in the Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne and with Genetic Health Services Victoria. David is a former President of the Human Genetics Society of Australasia and a former member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (USA).

David’s Mitochondrial Research Laboratory is primarily involved in research but also acts as the Australasian referral centre for diagnosis of mitochondrial disease in children. His lab has diagnosed more than 400 patients with mitochondrial disease and published over 100 scientific journal articles and reviews. David’s research focuses on the genetic basis of mitochondrial energy generation diseases. He has had a particular interest in understanding how mitochondrial DNA mutations are passed on from mothers to their children, and translating this knowledge into approaches for genetic counselling, prenatal diagnosis and prevention. He also studies the roles of nuclear genes, which are inherited from both parents. His lab has identified several novel “disease” genes using a range of gene mapping and molecular cell biology approaches. Recently, his lab has developed two mouse models of mitochondrial disease, which are being used to study the precise disease mechanisms and to trial treatment strategies.

David is a member of the AMDF Nominations Committee, the Deputy Chair of the AMDF Scientific & Medical Advisory Panel and a founding director of the AMDF.

Ross Wall

Ross is a director of FrontRow one of Australia’s leading specialists in corporate hospitality, events and sponsorship. The company was formed in 2007 with the merging of Off the Wall Events Pty Ltd with Front Row Events Pty Ltd. He has organised many of the major sporting and charity functions held in Sydney over the last thirty years.

Ross has been involved with the AMDF since it began in 2009. He conceived Stay in Bed Day and more recently, the Bloody Long Walk series.  It is now the AMDF’s major fundraising activity which has grown from one single event in Sydney in 2013, to a national series consisting of five events in 2015.

Glen Watts
BE (Chem) Hons

Glen Watts is a seasoned business senior executive with experience in the FMCG sector across ANZ, USA, European and South Asian countries. He retired from the position of Managing Director for Kimberly-Clark in Australia and New Zealand in 2013. Kimberly-Clark is best known by its consumer brands- Huggies, Kleenex, Depend and Kotex as well as commercial brands into the business sectors including health care supplies. He has extensive experience in business management, marketing and communications, commercialisation, executive leadership development and research management.

He is also Chairperson for COPE (Centre of Perinatal Excellence), a NFP focussed on improved pre and post-natal mental health outcomes.


Company Officers

Annalise Meurant – Company Secretary

Annalise is the Company Secretary for the AMDF. Annalise is responsible for the management of secretarial matters of the AMDF which includes the setting of quarterly board agendas, attendance at quarterly board meeting of the foundation and the preparation of quarterly board minutes of the AMDF Board of Directors meetings.