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2 February 2017 Media release on mitochondrial donation in the UK
Read a media release from British newspaper, The Guardian, about a fertility clinic in the UK being granted permission to perform mitochondrial donation for two women with MERRF syndrome.

27 November 2017 Media release on Khondrion’s phase II clinical trial results
Read a media release from Dutch pharmaceutical company, Khondrion, detailing the preliminary results of their phase II KHENERGY study.

5 September 2017 Media release on AMDF’s Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week initiatives
Read a media release on AMDF’s Awareness Week 2017 events, including Light Up for Mito and Stay in Bed Day.

7 August 2017 Media release on research into mitochondrial disease diagnosis
Read a media release on a new genetic testing approach that could improve diagnosis for mitochondrial disease.

25 July 2017 AMDF statement on the plight of baby Charlie Gard
Read a statement from AMDF CEO Sean Murray regarding the need for more research funding in the wake of baby Charlie’s plight.

23 June 2017 AMDF’s response to Senator Hanson’s comments
Read AMDF’s response to Senator Pauline Hanson’s comments regarding the education of children with disabilities.

1 June 2017 INSPIRE article on genomic sequencing
Read an article published in Research Australia’s INSPIRE magazine that discusses why pursuing a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease is important, and how genomic sequencing can improve diagnoses in Australia.

24 May 2017 RCPA article on the AMDF-AGHA partnership
Read an article from the The Royal College of Pathologist of Australasia’s monthly newsletter that discusses AMDF’s partnership with the Australian Genomic Health Alliance, and how the project this project will enable every person with a strong suspicion of mito to gain a definitive diagnosis via genetic testing.

17 March 2017 First clinical mitochondrial donation licence granted in UK
Read a media release from AMDF regarding the first clinical mitochondrial donation licence in the UK. AMDF applauds the announcement as a major step forward for the global mitochondrial disease community.

16 January 2017 story on the Beard family
Read a story about Pippa and Tony Beard. The Beard family have a history of mito, with Pippa being severely affected. Pippa’s sister Toby experiences mild symptoms and would love have a child of her own. Mitochondrial donation could ensure that she doesn’t pass on this debilitating disease to her future child.

Read a media release from AMDF regarding the latest updates from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). The HFEA have officially authorised the use of mitochondrial donation in the UK. AMDF hopes that the Australian government will follow suit and legalise the IVF technique.